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10ft Yurt

10ft yurt dimensions
a 10ft yurts covers 8 sq metres
10ft yurt accommodates 10 standing, 6 seated
sleeps 2 icon

This yurt sleeps two comfortably and is neatly portable as well, taking under an hour to set up. If you have a big car, or roof racks, you’ll be able to pack up and head off into the countryside for some glamping. It would work well as a garden shed, too.

From £10/night

12ft Yurt

a 12ft is 3.74m wide, 2.56m high with walls of 1.38m
a 12ft yurt covers 11 sq metres
12ft yurt accommodates 15 standing, 10 seated
sleeps 4 icon

This is a great size for a children’s playhouse at the bottom of the garden giving them plenty of space to host tea parties galore and for the odd sleepover during the summer. It would comfortably sleep 4 in beds.

From £5,905

14ft Yurt

a 14ft is 4.27m wide, 2.71m high with walls of 1.38m
a 14ft yurt covers 14 sq metres
14ft yurt accommodates 20 standing, 15 seated
sleeps 4 icon

If you’re looking to provide glamping for two people, this is the perfect size. With a big double bed they’ll still have plenty of space to move around inside. Without beds, it would sleep 4 adults comfortably on sleeping mats.

From £7,010

16ft Yurt

16ft yurt is 4.8m wide, 2.84m high and has 1.38m walls
a 16ft yurts covers 18 sq metres
16ft yurt accommodates 30 standing, 18 seated
sleeps 5 icon

One of our customers has used this size yurt to create a chill out room for their children to hang out in, which we think is a great idea! It would easily accommodate 5 people on sleeping mats, or 4 in beds.

From £8,115

18ft Yurt

18ft yurt is 5.35m wide, 3.13m high and has 1.51m walls
18ft yurt covers 22.5 sq metres
18ft yurt accommodates 37 standing, 24 seated
sleeps 6 icon

With its bigger wheel, it lets in more light and feels a little more luxurious making it a great addition to a campsite or B&B looking to offer some family glamping. It sleeps four very comfortably in beds.

From £9,200

20ft Yurt

We’ve supplied a number of these to nurseries and pre-schools as this is a really good size used as an extra outdoor classroom for children. Seated with tables, you could easily fit 15-20 children, depending how much space you need for activities.

From £12,225

20ft yurt is 6.14m wide, 3.34m tall and its walls are 1.51m high
20ft yurt covers 20 sq metres
20ft yurt accommodates 50 standing, 40 seated
sleeping for 8 icon

22ft Yurt

This is a good size yurt of party planners and caterers regularly hosting a small but perfectly formed party. 60 people can comfortably gather inside for champagne and canapés.

From £14,775

22ft yurt is 6.67m wide, 3.48m high and has 1.51m walls
22ft yurt covers 35 sq metres
22ft yurt accommodates 60 standing, 50 seated
sleeping for 8 icon

24ft Yurt

Many of our customers have used this yurt for some form of outdoor education, from art classes to cookery courses. It’s a great option for forest schools.

From £17,073

24ft yurt is 7.2m wide, 3.62m high and has 1.51m walls
24ft yurt covers 42 sq metres
24ft yurt accommodates 70 standing, 60 seated
sleeping for 10 icon

26ft Yurt

This is just perfect as a very natural, calm space for yoga or dance classes held in the serene countryside. For special occasions it would comfortably seat 75 people, or 90 for a drinks party.

From £22,302

26ft yurt is 7.73m wide, 3.76m high and has 1.51m walls
26ft yurt covers 50 sq metres
26ft yurt accommodates 90 standing, 75 seated
sleeps 12 icon

28ft Yurt

A very impressive yurt that makes a great space for big celebrations, holding 85 people seated, or 105 people standing. So whether your client is celebrating a 21st or an 80th, get the cocktails and canapés out and enjoy!

From £26,225

28ft yurt has a 8.53m diameter, is 3.98 high and has walls 1.51m tall
a 28ft yurt covers 57 sq metres
28ft yurt accommodates 105 standing, 85 seated
sleeps 14 icon

30ft Yurt

Our biggest yurt and one that really has the wow factor! It has a great big wheel that just looks stunning, and lets in a lot of light too. This is best suited to wedding receptions or parties for up to 100 people seated.

From £29,375

30ft yurt is 9.07m wide, 4.12m roof, 1.51m walls
30ft yurt covers 65 sq metres
30ft yurt accommodates 120 standing, 100 seated
sleeps 16 icon