Getting outdoors and into nature has been proven to boost energy and improve health. It can also pay dividends in academic performance, improving both concentration and confidence.

Harness the power of nature to create a comfortable outdoor learning space for your students. A round yurt is a very inclusive, extremely versatile, functional and stunningly beautiful.

You’ll create a learning experience they’ll never forget!

Step Zero: Select your Yurt & check that your space and access is suitable

Design Your event

Step One: Choose your finishing touches

Step Two: Add a touch of magic?

Step Three: Start planning! Drop us an e-Mail or give us a call.  

20 Yoga Mats
54 seated, classroom style

33ft Yurt

12 Yoga Mats
28 seated, classroom style

24ft Yurt

6 Yoga Mats
16 seated, classroom style 

18ft Yurt

Planning something big?

Combination Yurts
From £1,400