If a Yurt is lived in or used often, it will last many, many seasons.

However, if it is left empty and unprotected in damp conditions, the canvas is at risk of developing mould and degenerating.

If you love your Yurt, it will love you back, just follow our basic after care pointers, or take advantage of one of our maintenance packages (listed further below).


How do I care for my Yurt once it’s been installed?

99% of the questions we receive are about keeping the canvas looking good. Our canvas is fully waterproofed, rot resistant and fire retardant, but does not like being permanently damp.  The canvas is also breathe-able, so if your yurt is left empty and un-heated for a prolonged period of time in very wet conditions, it’s at risk of developing damp or mould inside.

There are a few simple practices we recommend to keep your Yurt canvas and frame in tip top condition:

Preventing damp & mould on the canvas

To prolong the life of your Yurt canvas, follow the magic formula of heat & ventilation.

Remove condensation with regular ventilation

  • Condensation is caused when moisture carried by warm air reaches a cold surface.
  • If you don’t have guests, open the doors to get more fresh air.

Insulate your Yurt, or heat your Yurt a little more

  • When your Yurt is unoccupied, the temperature in the Yurt should not drop under 15 degrees to avoid condensation forming on the walls.
  • Light a wood-burning stove every couple of days in wet weather to create nice dry heat.
  • If you have a podded Yurt, do not heat up cold Yurts in the evening by opening the doors to heated Yurts. The warm and humid air will condensate on the cold walls of the podded Yurts. Instead, look to heat the other rooms separately.
  • Good insulation of the Yurt helps preventing mould growth due to higher temperature of the walls. Speak to us about our wool lining insulation.

Dirt or Soiling

Dirt or soiling can cause staining of the canvas. It is important that this be removed regularly to maintain the appearance and integrity of the fabric.

Spot clean your canvas

  • Use warm water, do not use any detergents as these may dissolve and wash away the water resistant, fire retardant and rot proofing solutions.
  • Soak off any bird poo as soon as you notice it. It’s acidic and as such can damage your canvas.
  • Remove any leaves and twigs that may have fallen on your yurt from overhanging trees.
  • Consider having your canvas professional cleaned and reproofed at the end of each season, or every other season. We recommend Hancock Marine in Axminster:Hancock Marine

Taking care of your Yurt frame

  • Wash the woodwork with a damp cloth and keep the yurt heated to dry it off. The woodwork can be lightly sanded and re-oiled with Danish oil to keep it in good condition.
  • Like any external door, the door should be inspected and treated every so often.


  • Make sure your canvas is 100% dry before storing it away.
  • Store in a dry place.
  • Do not store the trellis sections flat – lean them against a wall.
  • Store the roof ribs under tension to prevent the steam-bent sections from straightening out.
  • Wheels to be stored flat, not on their side.


Once you’ve had a little practice a Yurt isn’t complicated to put up, and is easy to maintain with a little regular attention.

We can help take some of the stress out of your season with our annual and spot check maintenance plans. These can be added to your order when you buy your Yurt from us, making sure you have full peace of mind that your Yurt is going to be well looked after, giving you plenty of outdoor enjoyment for years to come.


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This service is ideal for those Yurt owners who need a bit of general check up and advice. 

  • 1 x Site visit by one of our YFL experts

  • YFL Maintenance report & recommendations

Cost: from £75, plus mileage (based on location). Call us for a quote.


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This plan is suited to those yurt owners who will be storing their yurts away over the winter months. 

  • 2 site visits and 1 emergency call out

  • Yurt maintenance (sanding and oiling as required)

  • Small repair work

  • 1 visit to prepare yurt for autumn/winter storage

  • 1 visit to install your yurt for spring/summer use

  • Maintenance report & recommendations

  • Excludes any major repair work or replacement parts (to be quoted)

Cost: from £450/year, plus mileage per trip (based on location) + cost for any replacement parts/extra labour/visits


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If you plan to use your Yurt 365 days a year, this plan keeps your yurt in tip top condition all year around.

  • 4 site visits and 1 emergency call out to deal with force majeure.

  • Yurt maintenance (sanding and oiling as required)

  • Small repair work

  • 2 visits to put on and take off the thermal fleece lining

  • 2 visits to put on and take off the winter cover

  • Maintenance report & recommendations

Cost from £750/year, plus mileage per trip (based on location) + cost for any replacement parts/extra labour/visits.


We can also put together a custom maintenance plan for you to include annual training for new staff and off-site storage options. Payment plans are available monthly or quarterly.

Site visits consist of a full day for two of the team. During this day they will carry out maintenance on the yurt (sanding and oiling as required) and any small repair work that may be needed. A post-visit report will be provided to detail what has been done along with any recommendations to extend the life of your yurt.


Should the worst happen, such as a force majeure or a fallen tree on your Yurt, we can help to replace any broken or damaged parts.

All our Yurts are made from component parts made by us in our workshop, and can easily be replaced. Broken or damaged roof ribs can be removed and replaced without striking your Yurt, minimising any disruption.

Note: Yurts For Life cannot guarantee replacement parts or accessories for structures that we did not make, but we can advise so just give us a call.