All our packages start with the basic yurt…

Basic Package

Complete Kyrgyz designed yurt frame, canvas and groundsheet


Beautifully designed and crafted from sustainable ash wood, the standard Kyrgyz designed yurt frame is very sturdy and consists of:

– Steam bent ribs and wheel for the roof
– Trellis wall
– Lockable front door


The canvas yurt cover is of a cotton/polyester mix and is fully waterproof and fire retardant. It lets in plenty of light too.

– Wall band
– Roof and wall covers
– Star shaped roof cap with clear PVC window


Your yurt comes with all the accessories you will need when setting it up, transporting it or storing it when not in use:

– Heavy duty PVC ground sheet
– Storage bag for canvas covers
– Pegs & ropes for constructing the yurt

To extend the seasons…

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1 Season Yurt

June – August

The basic yurt will keep you warm and dry during the high summer months.

yurt in a overgrown field
looking through the door to a full-size double bed in a yurt
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2 Season Yurt

May – September

Add a wood burning stove to catch the late spring and early autumn.

an 18ft yurt in a field of bluebells
a wood burner to keep your yurt warm
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3 Season Yurt

March – November

A thermal fleece lining will extend your use into the colder nights.

wood-burning stoves are ideal for warming the interior of a yurt
Yurt viewed through the door
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4 Season Yurt

January – December

A waterproof winter cover provides peace of mind and year round use.

The distinctive rounded door top of a Yurts For Life yurt
yurt for hire - interior

Personalise your yurt…


We can design your yurt frame to include extra doors or windows. Choose from:

– Lockable double curved door
– Trellis height small ash framed window (52cm wide)
– Trellis height large ash framed window (74cm wide)


To let in a little extra light or a different look to your yurt, ask us about adding:

– Clear PVC windows within walls
– Clear PVC windows within roof
– Further colour options


Getting the flooring right for yurt is really important. You can choose from:

– Dandy Dura Carpet
– Insulated hardwood ply  floor (18mm thick)
– Insulated Spiders Web design T&G floor


We have an interior design service available for you if you want something really special.

We will work on a brief with you and then source, deliver and install your interior to your budget.