Inspired by the great outdoors, and motivated by a vision of high-quality craftsmanship at our core, we design and manufacture precision-built, world-class luxurious yurts.

Our yurts provide elegant, multi-functional, cost-effective spaces that not only help people make the most of their surroundings, but also improve quality of life.


Spending time in nature has been proven to have significant positive effects on energy & vitality, reducing stress, anxiety and heart rate, whilst also improving our cognitive function, overall health, mood and quality of sleep.

When you look at it like that, Yurts for Life becomes more than just our company name. It becomes a rallying cry, a call to action, a movement that forms the foundations of our philosophy, or as we like to call it, “#Yurtology” – the driving force behind everything we do.

YURTOLOGY [noun: yoort-ol-uh-jee]


The desire to enjoy the great outdoors, embracing a fun-loving lifestyle

A do anything, go anywhere attitude that transcends boundaries

A system of creative thought, starting with a blank canvas where the only limit is your imagination.


Precision Built – Our continuous engineering process means we keep improving, collaborating to enhance, refine, and evolve our Yurt design, always striving to be the best.

World-Class Attention To Detail – best team in Europe, the design is in the detail.

100% Made in Devon – supporting our local rural community as well as British manufacture.

A Solutions-Focused Team – working closely with you to make a beautiful and precise product to fit your needs. With our post-sale customer service too, we’re with you every step of the way.

The Personal Touch – a team of highly experienced Yurt designers are on hand to help you design the Yurt of your dreams.

Elegance as standard – the finest Yurts produced in the UK. We never compromise on quality.


We work with private and commercial clients, from schools to cafes and of course glampsites and yurt hire companies. Whatever your plan is for your yurt, we can help.

Riverford use our yurts for a variety of purposes
We provide yurts for sshh events and locations
nicholsons use our yurts
festival yurts for Glas-Denbury festival
we supply yurts for classic glamping
Farley use one of our yurts for outside activities
festival yurts for The Love Fields
yurts for the national trust
Riverside cafe utilises our yurts
somerset yurts
we supply yurts for weddings to Kingston Estate