Having a couple of places of interest for guests to wander through makes a big difference to any event. Add some hidden surprises or quirky elements to complement your event, and turn it into a truly unique experience!

Use our Yurts, big and small, to add a touch of magic to your event to make it the best party a’round!

A 24ft yurt for a silent disco perhaps, an 18ft yurt as a chill out zone for the kids, a 10ft Photo Booth, or how about a surprise honeymoon suite in the woods for your Husband/Wife to be!

10ft Yurt 

Photo Booth, Cloakroom, Private Meditation Space

10ft Photo Booth

18ft Yurt

Luxury Accommodation or Surprise Honeymoon Suite
Chill Out Room or VIP lounge
Champagne Reception Foyer

18ft chill out room

24ft Yurt

For booze & grooves, add a 24ft Silent Disco, Bar, VIP area, or communal space

Booze & Grooves
24ft communal space

Combination Yurts

Combine our Yurts together to create a larger modular space

A YurtsForLife yurt being used for a Riverford Farm event