Our Range of Luxury Yurts

from 14ft – 40ft

In the heart of the Devon Countryside, our talented team craft stunning yurts made from locally sourced hardwood ash.

Our craftsmanship is second to none. With the clean finish of our signature curved-top ash doors and steam bent frames, the use of high-grade canvas combined with high-end craftsmanship techniques, your yurt will last for years.

If you want a structure that truly soars, our yurts show how straight lines and soft curves can exist in perfect harmony.

We have a range of luxury yurts that can be used for an ever-widening scope of applications.

All of our yurts can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

18ft yurt
Canvas Covered


18ft Yurt

Sleeps four very comfortably, making it the perfect choice for a family or a romantic getaway for two. A great addition to any glampsite or B&B and our best selling yurt.

Sleeps: 4 | Seated: 24 | Standing: 40

18 ft hire yurt
Yurt styled for used as a children's playroom with a fire-guard around the wood burning stove

20ft Yurt

We’ve supplied a number of 20ft yurts to nurseries and pre-schools as this is a really good size used as an extra outdoor classroom for children.

Sleeps: 6 | Seated: 30 | Standing: 50

24ft Yurt

An ideal space for outdoor activities such as art classes, cookery courses and yoga retreats. It’s a great option for forest schools.

Sleeps: 10 | Seated: 50 | Standing: 70


Our smaller yurts can stand alone and are also suitable for podding to create larger outdoor spaces for your activities. The only limit is your imagination.

14ft Yurt

The perfect size to provide luxury glamping for two. With a big double bed, there’s still plenty of space to move around inside.

Sleeps: 3 | Seated: 15 | Standing: 25

Yurt under the stars
16 ft yurt interior

16ft Yurt

Ideal for a chill out room for the kids to hang out in, or podded to our 18ft or 24ft as a separate bedroom or en-suite. 

Sleeps: 4 | Seated: 20 | Standing: 30


Ideal for party and wedding planners and outdoor activities for larger groups

30 Ft event Yurt

30ft Yurt

Best suited for wedding receptions and parties, or a calming yoga shala for large classes, accommodating at least 20 yoga students.

Yoga: 20 | Seated: 70 | Standing: 120

33ft Yurt

Our 10m yurt is well equipped for large wedding receptions and parties, a calming yoga shala for large classes or outdoor exhibitions.

Yoga: 20 | Seated: 100 | Standing: 140

33ft yurt for parties
40 ft wedding yurt

40ft Yurt

Enter the giant! Our biggest yurt yet, and the one with the WOW factor! 

Seated: 120 | Standing: 210


With our Yurt Pod technology, the design possibilities are endless!

No longer do you need to buy the biggest yurt you can and try and fit everything into that one open space. Instead, it‘s possible to have a modular space, still maintaining the flexibility of a yurt, allowing the creation of separate areas or a combined guest space by joining two of our yurts together.

The beauty of a yurt is in its portability. You can easily remove your podded yurts at any time to use elsewhere, store them away or with the smaller ones just pop them on a trailer and take them away for a family camping holiday!

podding with yurts


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Our yurts are fast becoming the preferred choice for business owners who pride themselves on providing a luxury outdoor experience for their guests.

With an ever-growing network, our luxurious yurts can be found in many locations across the UK & Europe, even all the way to the wilds of Norway, giving you plenty of places to explore, to get away from it all, to surround yourself with nature, peace, quiet and complete solitude.