The stunning structure and spacious design of our delightful dome-shaped yurts comes from Kyrgyzstan.

Our traditional Kyrgyz yurts differ from Mongolian designs in the way the woodwork is steam bent to produce a curved, rounded roof shape that offers more headroom. It’s a little harder to produce the steam bent wooden ribs, trellis and wheel, but we think it is completely worth it so that you can move around comfortably inside your yurt.


Our yurts can be used all year round. A bit like skiing or hiking, you just need the right layers and some good hand warmers!

Undoubtedly you will already have an idea of when you’d like to use your yurt. With our waterproof winter yurt jackets, thermal linings and wood burning stoves (great for warming your hands over), we can put together the perfect package for you to make sure  you’re kept toasty warm and deliciously dry in your new abode.


What better way to put a roof over your head than to work with the wood that is found on your doorstep?

We’re rather passionate about wood. It’s natural, it’s robust and we can work wonders with it, skilfully steam bending it into shape before sanding by hand and treating it with oils for a beautiful and long-lasting finish. Here in the West Country, we have the good fortune of being able to source sustainable timber from nearby estates, ensuring that each yurt we build goes from tree to dwelling within just a few miles.


In true British fashion, we make sure our yurts stand up to the elements of our climate in style.

Whilst the original Kyrgyz yurts were covered in felt, we cover ours with a hard wearing cotton canvas that is fully waterproofed so you can relax knowing that you’ll stay perfectly dry inside! The canvas is rot resistant and fire retardant, too, so it shouldn’t matter what Mother Nature throws at you, your yurt will prevail!


We’ve designed and built the King Kong of yurts, the 40ft. A feat of complex geometry and engineering, it’s the flagship of our product line!

There aren’t many yurts of this scale to be found here in the UK, so we’re very excited about our 40 footer. It’s big enough for you to host 120 guests, all seated at our beautifully crafted table and benches with a dance floor for those who want to dance the night away.


We work with private and commercial clients, from schools to cafes and of course glampsites and yurt hire companies. Whatever your plan is for your yurt, we can help.

Riverford use our yurts for a variety of purposes
We provide yurts for sshh events and locations
nicholsons use our yurts
festival yurts for Glas-Denbury festival
we supply yurts for classic glamping
Farley use one of our yurts for outside activities
festival yurts for The Love Fields
yurts for the national trust
Riverside cafe utilises our yurts
somerset yurts
we supply yurts for weddings to Kingston Estate